Din overskrift

Penso bought "Sandefjord" when Erling Tambs came to Cape Town with her, after the scientific expedition to Tristan Da Cunha. He and his daughter Pat, had Sandefjord for many years and first I didn`t knew very much details about this time. After talking to Pat Penso on the phone, I got a lot of new information. Some of the first work Penso did when he bought Sandefjord, was to replace the old "jomfru" (Don`t know the English word) with new turnbuckles.

Pat also told about her time with "Sande" and I could understand that they had a lot of good voyages during the years. Familymembers and friends was sailing with them and I could hear from her talking that she had many good memories about this time. She also gave me the name of the next owner and some information about the next years, which has been known as Sandefjords "hidden years".

"Sandefjord" and Pat Penso is also mentioned in the book "Rundø" when Petersen and Brunborg visited Cape Town in 1959. As I understand they became good friends of Pat Penso and visited "Sandefjord" several times during their stay in Cape Town. (Brunborg is the same person who later brought Sandefjord home from Mystic Seaport.)

I have got two log books from easter 1952 and 1953, sent me from Sean Cullen. Thank you Sean! I can`t tell how much I appreciate this. Theese log books are just lovely. They are written by Pat Penso and has beautiful drawings from the situations she is writing about. Enjoy the log books in the gallery below :-)