Photostory book, written by the Cullens and copied into the web-page.

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Sandefjord - Relaunching day

Durbans Floating Crane in attendance

Relaunching day

20 October 1964

Heavy weather on the trip down to Cape Town

- off Port St. Johns, 25 February 1965

A stirring arrival in Cape Town

18 March 1965

A fine escort sailing from CT - 13 April 1965

Left, Skipper Barry Cullen (28) South Africa

right, Fanie Louw (21) South Africa


Patrick Cullen - co-owner (25) South Africa

Tim Magennis, (32) Ireland

Patrick and model

Call at St. Helena, 5/9 May 1965

A fine trade wind to the West Indies, 1 June 1965

Wally Stright receives a haircut from Tim, 12 June 1965

Port Elizabeth, Bequia, 10 July 1965

Mary Clayton (25) New Zealand relaxes on the veranda of

the welcoming Grenada Yacht Club.

Fanie Louw (21) youngest crew member

South Africa

At anchor off Sunset Beach, Grenada

27 July 1965

Alongside American yacht "Physalia" for transit of Gatun Locks .

We are halfway up to the level of Gatun Lake - 27 August 1965

Captain Phillip Gabriel, Panama Canal pilot with Wally Stright

Our gracious hosts on the Pacific side - the Balboa Yacht Club.

Here for six weeks - engine repairs & waiting for Galapagos visas.

Approaching the slip in Panama City

28 September 1965

Sailing Day, 6 November 1965

We are bound for the Galapagos Islands

Becalmed - an extremely slow passage

12 November 1965

Caleta Tagus - 11 December 1965

...and then to our utter amazement

the three masted tops'l schooner "New Endeavour" drops anchor.

Preparing for Pacific Crossing

Rock walls of Caleta Tagus

Arrival at Tahiti - 25 January 1966

We made friends easily with the Tahitians - a picnic close to Papeete

Fanie - dressed up as an American tourist (??)

Idyllic sojourn at Robinson's Cove

Papetoai Bay, Moorea - 15 miles from Tahiti

1st February to...

...6th February 1966

Tahiti to Sydney NSW -

A 50 day Pacific Ocean Crossing -

 adverse westerlies, flat calms, fickle



Finally, during the night and two days out of Sydney, a severe storm.

Daybreak and ...

. . Patrick and Wally take in the torn jib -

(no safety harnesses in those days!)

Better? Well, yes!

Patrick Cullen - a man who loved the sea!

31 May 1966

A deep low had passed to the south, producing a strong westerly gale, force 8-9 off thecoast of New South Wales

Wally and Patrick goofing around!

Repairing jib as we lie hove to waiting for

a favourable breeze for Sydney - note the huge

receding swell.

Arrival at Sydney - 4 June 1966

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Rushcutter's Bay, our gracious hosts.

Fanie, visitor Lorette and Wally "Sandefjord" is slipped for much needed maintenance - bottom repairs and painting

Wally the painter

22 June 1966

Patrick and Fanie admire beautifully painted "Sandefjord"

Outside Sydney Heads - a fair offshore breeze...

... and "Sande" snores up the coast, bound for The Great Barrier Reef


Brampton Island to Hayman Island 30 July 1966

Sandefjord" continues her northbound passage through the Great Barrier Reef,  5 August 1966, entering a narrow passage between islands

A spar is found and Patrick and Wally get down to urgent work!

Wally, Barry and two visitors from other yachts. 20 August 1966

(As no one thought of picking up the movie


camera, these bowsprit scenes are not covered in the movie.)

The new bowsprit is fitted . .

. . and painted, 24 August 1966

Our trusty engine finally "gave up the ghost"

. . and a ready buyer was found.

Almost ready for sailing - the final

Indian Ocean passage - 26 August 1966

"Sandefjord" sails from Thursday Island

27 August 1966

and makes a brief call at Christmas Island

17 / 21 September 1966

A fresh south east trade, force 5/6 gives us a speedy passage across the Indian Ocean - 2,952 miles at an average speed of 5.51 knots

Barry, three days before arrival Durban

5 November 1966

Welcoming throng - Fanie swims to jetty (lower left) with line - we are still making half a knot and Sandefjord is heavy! We need to stop.