The Cullen brothers, Barry and Patrick, found "Sandefjord" in rather bad condition in Durban. They did a lot of work to get her back in her normal strong condition, and after this they did a complete circumnavigation with her. They had good friends who participated with them on their circumnavigation. and there was also made a movie from this journey.

The movie was produced by "Sandefjord productions" in Cape Town and the title was: Sandefjord - Her Voyage Around the World.

The movie is available at the National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa: Link


Thank you very, very much Barry Cullen for taking all the work to prepare and mail us information from your time with "Sandefjord". We appreciate very much to get this valuable documents and pictures.

You can find the photo book with pictures and text from the circumnavigationat at this page:

Photo Story Book

...and further down this page, there is an article with Norwegian text from the voyage. (The original English text, written by Cullen will come.)


Sandefjord arriving Cape Town, 18 mars 1965



Kopi av artikkel som brødrene Cullen sendte til redningsselskapet etter jordomseilingen.

Det har sneket seg inn en feil i oversettelsen, det var i Atlanteren Sandefjord slo kollbøtte og ikke i Nordsjøen. Ellers blir det også referert til at "hun" datt over bord og da mener de Mary Clayton.